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With members like you, we're creating an international community that fosters the growing field of accessibility and disability in the arts, cultural institutions, and arts education; curates best practices; and defines excellence in the field.

Photograph of a woman seated in a wheelchair, listening to the woman to her right speak to a group of people.
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Become part of our transformative creative community! Share your passion for access to the arts with peers around the globe, collaborate with colleagues who face the same challenges, and learn from experts in the arts, accessibility, and special education fields.

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By connecting with colleagues via our network listservs, you’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and what exciting innovations are on the horizon. Contribute to thought-leadership, trade ideas, ask questions, or submit your news to our monthly newsletter.

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Your one-stop shop for arts access information, the Access/VSA International Network posts grant and career opportunities, offers one-of-a-kind conferences and online learning, and provides the resources and information you need, tailored to your interests.


Network Benefits

  • FREE access to Network Webinars and Professional Development

  • Discounts on Online Learning Courses

  • Discounts to the Annual LEAD Conference

  • Exclusive Networking with your peers, through our E-lists and Community Forums

  • Exclusive Curated Content Library

  • Access to Opportunities through our job postings, casting calls, calls for art, residencies, grants, competitions, and more

  • Access to Mentorships

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • plus more!



Network Groups

The Access/VSA International Network has three groups  for members to connect with their colleagues and peers:

Photograph of several people talking with each other in the lobby of a conference center. One is in a motorized wheelchair, while the other three are standing. The gentleman in the middle is using a white cane.
Photograph of a crowd of young children with their hands raised in the air, dancing.
Photograph of a young man playing piano on stage, with the Grand Foyer of the Kennedy Center in the background.

LEAD® Cultural Access


Weaving accessibility into a cultural arts organization isn’t easy. Where do you find the specific niche resources you need? The information about new technologies tailored to your organization’s needs? Or, perhaps most importantly, the people who truly understand your passion for the cultural arts and access to them?

You’ll find it here. The Access/VSA International LEAD Cultural Access track includes professionals from across the globe, and across the cultural arts spectrum—from theatres to museums to parks. We all share a common goal: a desire to ensure the arts are accessible to people with disabilities, and a commitment to share information and resources to make that desire a reality.

Arts & Education

You know that the arts are an integral part of a well-rounded education. But how do you help all your students access the arts world? How do you teach visual and performing arts when you’re not artistic? How do you incorporate the arts into your existing programs, or deliver art experiences and workshops in the virtual world?

We can help. The Access/VSA International Network Arts & Special Education Track includes school and community educators from around the world. Some are arts specialists, some are general educators or administrators, some work in special education. All are committed to sharing resources, research, and best practices that address the learning needs of students with disabilities in arts-based and arts-integrated instruction.  


As an artist, you know that connections can provide inspiration, mentorship, and support. Peers, teachers, and colleagues challenge you to do your best work.

As a person with a disability (or an organization that supports artists with disabilities), you recognize the need for resources that fit your life, that teach you useful accommodating techniques, and give you the necessary how-to’s to present your creative work to the world.


Membership Options & Rates

Premium Organization

  • Includes up to five (5) linked members in your organization

  • Conference discount for up to three (3) people

  • $125 per year

Standard Organization

  • Includes up to three (3) linked members in your organization

  • Conference discount for up to two (2) people

  • $75 per year



  • Membership for one (1) person

  • Conference discount for one (1) person

  • $30 per year


Contact us at 202-416-8898 or

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