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Connect with experts across the field of arts, education, and disability from the comfort of your home or office.

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Access/VSA Network Webinars

The Access/VSA International Network Webinar series provides ongoing professional development for special education and art educators, art administrators, cultural organizations, school districts, and artists with disabilities. These webinars address instructional practices, critical issues, exemplar programs, and emergent research, with time for live Q&A with presenters.

Stay up to date on current issues and trends in your field. Develop cutting-edge strategies for promoting access and inclusion in cultural institutions and schools. As a member of the Access/VSA International Network, you can participate for free in live webinars that bring the knowledge of experts across the country right to your screen and access webinar recordings for a full year before they become a part of the public Access/VSA International Network webinar archive. The best part is that there’s no limit to how many you can register for, so make sure to take full advantage of this robust professional development resource!

Closed captioning and ASL interpretation are both available for all webinars. For the most accessible viewing experience, we recommend watching the webinar on a desktop computer or laptop screen. For more information or to request other access services, please contact the Office of Accessibility and VSA at (202) 416-8898 (voice) or

Webinars and recordings are $10 for non-members unless otherwise noted. 


Previous Webinar Recordings

MEMBERS receive full access for FREE to recordings and transcripts for every Access/VSA International Network Webinar.

NON-MEMBERS can access recordings of select webinars for $10 per webinar (unless otherwise stated).

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Webinar Recording List

2023-2024 Season


  • LEAD Lightning Talk: Using An Accessibility Page To Attract People With Disabilities (6/5/24) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: The Power Of The Arts: Teaching Students With Language-Based Learning Differences Through The Visual Arts (5/16/24) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Cultivating Supportive Arts Learning Spaces Through A Trauma-Informed Approach (4/24/24) - Learn More or Register

  • Lightning Talk: Cultural Competency In Audio Description And Alt Text (3/20/24) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Crip Movement Lab - Centering Disability in the K-12 Classroom (3/13/24) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Art and Science to Enhance Social Competence for Students with Autism (1/24/24) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Using the Arts to Accelerate Social-Emotional Learning (12/13/23) - Learn More or Register

  • LEAD 2024: Tips for Proposals (11/15/23) - Learn More or View (FREE)

  • SPED Webinar: Music For All, Engaging All Learners in the Accessible Music Classroom (11/16/23) - Learn More or Register

  • From Checklist to Culture Shift: Crafting an Anti-Ableism Training (11/8/23) - Learn More or Register

  • Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities: An Expert Panel (10/25/23) - Learn More or View (FREE)

  • SPED Webinar: Intersections and Bridges: Arts Integration Strategies to Support Gifted and Talented Learners" with Laura Schulkind (10/25/23) - Learn More or Register

  • How to Find Gold in Our Community Forums (10/19/23) - Learn More or View (FREE)

  • Tools for Thinking: Design Questions as a Collaborative Planning Tool (10/11/23) - Learn More or Register

2022-2023 Season



  • Membership Benefits & Website Tour (8/24/22) - Learn More or View (FREE)

  • Hybrid Sessions from the LEAD Conference 2022 - a curated series of session from the conference - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Promoting Inclusion Through Accessible Social Media (7/13/22) - Learn More or Register

  • AccessLEAD: Creating Accessible Handouts (6/8/22 & 6/28/22) - Learn More or Register

  • Encourage Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence in Special Education Classrooms Through the Arts (6/22/22) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Deaf Culture & Etiquette for Hearing Professionals in the Classroom (5/25/22) - Learn More or Register

  • Intersectionality and Cultural Access: What Should Cultural Arts Organizations be Thinking About? (5/12/22) - Learn More or View (FREE

  • Making Benefits Work for You (5/1/22) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Exploring the Rhythms of the Latin World (4/13/22) April 13, 2022 - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Making Dances that Matter, Part 1 & 2: Ask, Listen, Move! (3/9/22 & 3/23/22) - Learn More or Register

  • AccessLEAD: Thinking About and Supporting People with Long-Haul COVID-19 (3/10/22) - Learn More or View (FREE)

  • SPED Webinar: Oh, How Dramatic: Using Drama in Multiple Settings to Teach Curriculum and Meet IEP Goals (2/23/22) - Learn More or Register

  • SPED Webinar: Dancing Wheels, Certification Level I: Outcomes and Advantages (1/26/22) - Learn More or Register

  • AccessLEAD: Tips for Proposal Writing (11/18/21) - Learn More or View (FREE)

  • Making Musical Connections: String Orchestra for Special Learners (11/3/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Collaborative and Accessible Arts Education for Deaf Disabled students: Envisioning, Creating and Adapting for Pre- and Post-Pandemic Programming (10/8/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Supporting Youth with Disabilities in Preparing for Creative Careers (9/8/21) - Learn More or Register




  • High Support Need Students in the Zoom Music Classroom (8/11/21) - Learn more or Register

  • 5 Ways to Enhance Student Learning through Inclusive Musical Theater (7/28/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Movements to Move the Marginalized from the Margins (6/25/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Intersectionality and Participation in Music Education: Strategizing to Increase Equity and Access (6/9/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Improv as a UDL Strategy to Increase Accessibility in High School Writing Instruction (5/5/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Together while Apart: The Creative Doodle Book and Inclusive Online Arts during Covid-19 (4/28/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Universal Design in Music Education: Perspectives on Deaf Music Making (4/7/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Exploring Fiber Art: Kandinsky Study in Wool (3/24/21) - Learn More or Register

  • The Hunter Heartbeat: An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Relationship to Autism(3/10/21) - Learn More or Register

  • Addressing Student Trauma through Mindful Art Practices during COVID: Lessons from New Orleans (2/24/21) - Learn More or Register

  • An Overview of Special Education Rights in Public Schools (2/10/21) - Learn More or Register

  • A First Step to Facilitate the Engagement of Individuals with Severe Disabilities in the Arts (1/27/21) - Learn More or Register

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